Erica Génécé

Erica Génécé (aka EGen) is a Brooklyn based photographer who loves

to celebrate the beauty of culture. The daughter of Haitian

immigrants, she is inspired by travel, cultural traditions, and new

experiences. Being the granddaughter of a seamstress, she has a

great appreciation for fashion and learned the importance of details at

a young age. She mixes her knowledge of history and culture with the

modern day to create a new, eclectic style. She is currently in the

Masters' in Fashion Photography program at The School of Visual Arts.

Client Examples

Essence Magazine

Zaro's Family Bakery

Nathaniel Paul (Project Runway S10)

Luxeye Optical

Solstice Magazine

Brooklyn Spectacles

Lucy's Magazine

Dusica Dusica NYC

Mah-Jing Wong (Project Runway S14)

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